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1) Gas phase reactivity of the organometallic complex [Fe(C10 H8)]+ : an ion trap study.
P. Boissel, P. Marty, A. Klotz, P. de Parseval, B. Chaudret, G. Serra.
Chemical Physics Letters,
242 (1995) 157. (112 ko).

2) Possible contribution of organometallic species in the solar system ices. Reactivity and spectroscopy.
A. Klotz, P. Marty, P. Boissel, D. de Caro, G. Serra, J. Mascetti, P. de Parseval, J. Derouault, J.-P. Daudey, B. Chaudret.
Planetary and Space Science,
44 (1996) 957. (298 ko).

3) Organometallic reactions in the gas phase : measurements of the formation and dissociation rates of organometallic complexes.
P. Marty, P. de Parseval, A. Klotz, G. Serra, P. Boissel.
Astronomy and Astrophysics,
316 (1996) 270. (124 ko).

4) Gas phase formation and reactivity of iron-naphthylene cations: a route for polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons growth.
P. Marty, P. de Parseval, A. Klotz, B. Chaudret, G. Serra, P. Boissel.
Chemical Physics Letters,
256 (1996) 169. (135 ko).

5) Fragmentation of isolated ions by multiple photon absorption: a quantitative study.
P. Boissel, P. de Parseval, P. Marty, G. Lefèvre.
Journal of Chemical Physics,
106 (1997) 4973. (278 ko).

6) Simulation of interstellar Aromatics Hydrocarbons using Ion Cyclotron Resonance. Preliminary results.
C. Joblin, C. Masselon, P. Boissel, P. de Parseval, S. Martinovic, J.F. Muller.
Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry,
11 (1997) 1619.(149 ko).

7) Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon lifetime in cometary environments.
C. Joblin, P. Boissel, P. de Parseval.
Planetary and Space Science,
45 (1997) 1539.(105 ko).

8) La cellule à résonance cyclotronique ionique: un outil pour l'étude des constituants du milieu interstellaire.
P. Boissel, P. de Parseval, C. Joblin, P. Marty.
Images de la physique, accept

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